National and international transport

Our drivers travel long distances every day to reach their destinations on time. We offer transport services all over Poland, but also abroad in all EU countries, including Scandinavia. We provide both import and export services. We transport full loads, general and heavy cargo, dangerous goods and liquids. You can always rely on us!

  • Full loads transport – it is the best solution for the clients who want to optimise both time and costs without a need to reload or drive the extra distance in order to add other goods.
  • General cargo – this kind of transport requires good planning and taking into consideration many factors related to the cargo which is to be delivered.  General cargo includes goods of small size like parcels, boxes, pallets, sacks, etc. All the items are properly protected and stored in order to be delivered intact.
  • Transport of dangerous goods – we possess special vehicles dedicated to the transport of dangerous loads such as chemicals, flammable materials, etc. Our drivers are properly trained and have all  the related certificates. These services are directed mostly to pharmaceutical, chemical, construction or energy companies.
  • Cargo project – this service is related to non-standard, heavy cargo. Such operations are often logistically complicated and problematic and therefore, apart from the transport, we also offer assembly and disassembly of the freight. The process is supervised by a logistic operator who is responsible for proper planning and smooth action.

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We provide our services on time and with full engagement. We guarantee that the freight is safe and insured against unexpected situations. All vehicles are equipped with GPS systems allowing for full monitoring and control over the route. We always know the position of the freight we have been entrusted with.

Storage and distribution services

In order to fully satisfy the needs of our clients, apart from national and international transport, we also offer storage and distribution services throughout the EU. We have access to strategically located departure points and warehouses situated near to the most important transport hubs, which allows for an efficient management of the goods to be delivered. Our warehouses and handling points are spacious enough to safely accommodate the freight waiting to be collected by the addressee or to be delivered to its destination point.