Tom-Tech is the first company in Poland to have among its fleet a semi-trailer truck powered only by liquefied natural gas (LNG).





Our company has purchased a vehicle powered by LNG mainly because of huge ecological benefits it brings. Liquefied natural gas is a very pure fuel and therefore the vehicle easily meets standards set by Euro 6 regulations and enhances sustainable use of natural resources.

As it has been shown in the report published by Cryogas M&T Poland and Iveco Poland in August 2016 as a result of 6-month road tests carried out in Poland, the usage of LNG in truck transport significantly reduces emission of exhaust fumes.

Natural gas is a very ecological fuel due to its considerably lowered emissions of particulates (-95 % in comparison to Diesel engine) and nitrogen oxides (-35%). Vehicles powered by LNG reduce the carbon dioxide emission by 10%.


-35 % Nitrogen oxides
-95 % Particulates
-10 % CO2


In comparison to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), LNG allows to drive longer distances without fuelling, similarly to the vehicles powered by diesel. On the other hand, LNG trucks win against diesels in terms of operating costs. Although it costs more to purchase an LNG vehicle, the price of natural gas does compensate for it. The use of LNG decreases fuel costs (no need to apply AdBlue), which is the most important economic factor proving that such vehicles are highly profitable for trucking business. Another advantage of this solution is the fact that, due to its uncomplicated construction, the exhaust system of gas-powered trucks is more reliable, which translates into lower maintenance costs.







Comfort and safety

The use of LNG is not only a more economical, but also a much more comfortable solution for the transport due to its simple and safe fuelling process which does not require any special technical knowledge from the driver. It is worth emphasising that filling up the tank does not take more than 15 minutes.

Another very important feature of the LNG-powered engines is that they are much quieter than diesels (noise reduction by 3 dB). Moreover, LNG is safe. When mixed with air it evaporates quickly and its liquid form is non-flammable. LNG is colourless, odourless and non-toxic gas. When spilled, it disappears without a trace. It is also important that LNG can be produced from renewable resources as bio-gas.

Natural gas is cleaned of carbon dioxide and moisture and then cooled till it liquefies. LNG is a safe compound having the same physical and chemical properties as network gas.

The trucks powered by LNG are then quiet, clean and ecological. And therefore Tom-Tech can proudly announce: “We don’t pollute. We use LNG!”